Helping Our Pets on Earth Shop

Since long time I desired to help our little fellows, that is why I summoned the H.O.P.E. collection.

By supporting many foundations and by following helping organisations, it is very aggravating to see day by day that a great mob of animals stray in the streets; sometimes the onetime favourites are left by the way just because being tired of them. Enumerous cats are living at abandoned places, sometimes causing serious damages.

NI also have two saved and beloved cats and I also bear the responsibility for them. By choice I would adopt all abandoned animals, but I cannot, that is why…

My goal is to support foundations for sterilizing and adopting stray animals with a part of the income.

I am supporting Hungarian foundations with 15 percent of the income of the products. One of these foundations cares of sterilizing and adopting stray cats; the other puts the income of the foundation into adopting and into healthcare of doggies and kitties.

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